Two surprises about my blog


Two surprises about my blog yesterday: First, I did a search on Google for “blog aspx” and my page came up fifth. Whoa. Wasn’t expecting that. I mean, if you search for Brent Ozar then I come up fast, and I know I get tons of hits from search engines, but that one was odd.

The second surprise was that somebody actually caught me via that same search, and emailed me asking if I’d share the code for my .NET blog. I’m thinking no, because that’s the reason I was searching Google yesterday: there’s got to be a decent blog solution for .NET people who run their own web servers. Still looking. I want the ability to update my blog via e-mail, basically.

The weather couldn’t be better: it’s a crisp, cool day, I have the windows open, and the turtles are sitting on their little patio basking in the heat of their lamp. Houston is a wonderful place. Steve & friends are coming down this weekend for the Rockets home opener. Life is good.

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