I got my laptop almost


I got my laptop almost a year ago, and as much as I love shopping, I can’t justify getting a new one. I’ve got a Thinkpad T21 with a P3-866, a 30gb hard drive, and a great screen with 1400×1050 resolution. My boss just got a new Toshiba, which got me thinking about laptops again, but I just can’t find one that’s worth the upgrade. It’s more than fast enough for almost everything I do. Being a telecommuter, I’ve found that my internet connection speed makes a bigger difference than the machine speed once you get up in the P3 range.

There’s one exception: I can only play Grand Theft Auto 3 on my desktop, not my laptop, because the laptop doesn’t have a 3D video card. But I just can’t buy a new laptop solely for the purpose of playing GTA3 when I’m on the road.

Reminds me: I’m off to Dallas next week to work in the office. I’m going to drive up Monday morning, and I’m taking my web server with me. It’ll be down from early Monday morning to maybe 10am Central while I get it installed at the office. I’m putting it there for a couple of months while I move to another apartment, because I’m betting I won’t have DSL the day I move in. That would be *way* too good to be true.

Anyway, that setup will also mean that my laptop webcam will start working again, because I should be able to VPN into that web server no matter where I am. My fingers are crossed on that one.

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