Almost done with the car

Almost done with the car computer again. I was halfway through building my own little control panel for the driver’s side door pocket when I gave up. In Erika’s words, it would look ghetto, so I bought a $100 programmable keypad from Fry’s. It just so happens that their X-Keys Desktop model exactly fits my center console, which makes it look – well, a lot less ghetto. Hopefully I’ll have this project finished off tomorrow. At least, first-draft-finished. I can already see that this will be a lifelong project: I’m dreaming about putting an LCD display in the overhead console.

Drove past Mercedes-Benz of Houston Greenway this morning in my weekend ritual of self-motivation. I like walking through their used car lot and daydreaming. They’ve always got millions of dollars worth of cool toys, and this weekend was no different: a Ferrari F355 convertible, a black Hummer H2 (with a horrible orange-peel paint job) and plenty of other things I can’t afford. Maybe someday….

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