Here we go! I’m in


Here we go! I’m in the process of converting the site from plain old ASP to dot-Net. I figured while I was at it, I’d give the site a bunch of new functionality. Here, for example, is my new database-driven blog.

The changes are being driven by two things: I was dying to play with the new Dreamweaver MX, and my site’s probably going to start getting more hits now that I’ve got a column in HAL-PC magazine. I wanted to have a discussion area for the columns, so that people could ask questions and contribute ideas for upcoming columns. Anyway, here we go!

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  • Thought to post a comment to your first post :).

    While your website is one of the most prominent source of information in SQL Server world (at least for me), I am sure it was a pretty interesting journey for you in these years. Congratulations again and I wish you all best of the world. Good luck to Brent Ozar PLF.

  • Thanks for all that you have done and continue to do Brent, I for one appreciate it.


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