In the rest of my Fundamentals classes, I use a small Stack Overflow database, but that doesn’t cut it for Fundamentals of Columnstore. Columnstore indexes are all about big data, so for this class, I use the same setup as my Mastering classes.

If you want to run this class’s labs on your own (either during class, or later), you’re going to need:

  • A fast SQL Server
  • The right large Stack Overflow database
  • An Agent job to rapidly restore the database between labs
  • SQLQueryStress

To get set up, read the setup instructions for Mastering Index Tuning. This class uses exactly that same setup (as do the rest of my Mastering classes, so once you’re set up for this one, you’re good to go for the entire Mastering series.)

In module 7 of this class, we build a clustered columnstore index on the Votes table. It takes about 5-10 minutes. If you want to get that out of the way ahead of class, or on the morning of class, you can run this:

And you’re good to go! See you in class.

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  • Had to install .Net Core to get SQL Query Stress to open.
    SQL install…put shared files, system databases and tempdb on non-NvMe storage so SQL will start after a deallocate (Azure).

    Hope that helps


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