Using the SQL Community Slack Channels for #BrentOzarUnlimited and #FirstResponderKit

The SQL Server community gets together in Slack, a free chat platform. To get started:

Slack Tips

Don’t drag & drop files into Slack – the free community Slack version has a pretty limited amount of file space. Instead, if you want to share pictures, upload them to imgur, and then copy/paste the link to the file into Slack.

When you want to show an animated gif of happy puppies (or whatever you want to show), type /giphy and then your search terms:

Just keep in mind that some gifs may not be safe for work.

When you want to share code, click the little plus sign next to where you type things in, then click “code or text snippet.” Then, whatever you copy/paste in will be really nicely formatted. You can even choose syntax highlighting options for different languages like SQL.