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Brent Ozar

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Here’s a direct zip file link to my SQL Server First Responder Kit (zip). It’s full of stuff to help make your SQL Server faster and more reliable. I’d suggest opening sp_Blitz.sql first in SSMS. Run that, and it creates the sp_Blitz stored proc – you can put it in any database you want. Then, run it by typing sp_Blitz and click Execute. You’ll get back a prioritized list of problem areas in your SQL Server – things like missing backups, recent corruption, or dangerous SQL Server builds. Here’s how to run it for a SQL Server health check.

To learn how I use it, watch my How I Use the First Responder Kit class. We walk through a server together, using the most important scripts with the most important parameters.

If you don’t have time for the pain, and you want my help making your server faster and more reliable, check out my consulting services. I specialize in a fast, easy 2-day SQL Critical Care® where we get to the root of your SQL Server pains quickly.

Welcome to the club! If you need anything else, contact me.