Privacy and Copyright Summary
for Paste the Plan

Paste the Plan is a free service provided to the community to share execution plans with each other for easier performance tuning.

We have a Privacy Policy, and you should read it, but it’s really important to understand what’s happening with things you copy/paste into Paste the Plan, so here’s the basics in plain English:

Data you copy/paste in here is public. Anyone can read it. There is no security.

We claim no copyright of your plans. The queries and plans are still yours, but by pasting your data in here, you’re granting us a license to reproduce your work, modify it, and share it with others. (That’s what Paste the Plan is for – it cleans up your query plan, formats it, displays it graphically, and lets other people open the URL to see it.)

If you have any questions at all, email us. We want to make this helpful and useful for you.