camera-keyssp_Blitz® Result: Database Snapshot in Use

Database snapshots are like read-only copies of databases.  You can create them with the CREATE DATABASE command using the AS SNAPSHOT syntax.  They start at near-zero size, but as the source database grows due to changes, the snapshot size also grows.  If you don’t keep an eye on them, you might run out of drive space.

This part of sp_Blitz® looks at sys.databases for rows with the source_database_id populated.

To Fix the Problem

If you’re actually using the snapshots for something, great – just read the Books Online Best Practices list for database snapshots.  It includes sections on how to name your snapshots, why you should limit the number, and how client connections impact dropping them.

If you’re not using the snapshots, though, now might be a good time to drop ’em.

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