[Video] Office Hours at Megunticook Falls in Camden, Maine


While in historic and beautiful Camden to hang out with friends, I went to Megunticook Falls and answered your top-voted questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento.

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 01:05 Mike: Hi Brent. You’ve mentioned there are two types of DBAs: Production DBAs and Development DBAs. Are recruiters and hiring managers familiar with the term “Development DBA” or would “Database Developer” be a more well-known title to use?
  • 03:03 Margaret Norkett: We are transitioning to SQL2019 and notice that many queries that ran well on 2014 or 2016 are now very slow. We have added the OPTION (USE HINT (‘FORCE_LEGACY_CARDINALITY_ESTIMATION’)) to help and do see it running better, but still not at pre-upgrade speeds. Where else to look?
  • 06:13 Matt: What’s the best way to handle hierarchical data? I’ve got 6 levels of data and 95% of the time, given the top level, I need all the children. root = 1, level 2 = 3 rows, level 3 = 5-10 per level 2, level 4 = 10-20 per level 3, level 5 = 5-7 per level 4, level 6 = 2-3 per level 5
  • 06:52 Hany Helmy: Hi Brent, SQL server Enterprise Edition is $7,000 per core, Standard Edition is $2,000 per core, question: Is this is annual payment? or lifetime payment?
  • 08:20 Montro1981: Hi Brent, can you make another “questions I didn’t want to answer (online) post” I see some really good candidate questions on PollGab (I’ve been bingeing Office hours at work so I can hear you answers in my mind)
  • 09:06 Alma Fahlstrøm: What is your opinion of database sharding?
  • 11:31 consultantwannabe: hey Brent, what’s the most common issue you find when consulting when clients? Things that make you think: “really? c’mon. It’s 2023, why are you still doing that?”
  • 13:17 Johnkurt: our architect suggests read-scale with Always On availability groups to a analyze server. What is your experience and is it something we should be aware of?
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