[Video] Office Hours at Sea: SQL Server Q&A


En route from San Francisco to Juneau aboard the Ruby Princess, I stopped to hit a few of your questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento.

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 00:46 DBACAT: Hi Brent, what statistics impact occurs when a transaction is rolled back? The query’s exec plan didn’t change but duration and CPU jumped 10X. Stats were updated at the time of the transaction. Does SQL roll stats back? It doesn’t seem so. Seems like SQL got all confused.
  • 04:33 Whiny App Developer: Hi Brent a well-intentioned index has been added to our app’s database. My friend can see it has caused one query to slow down, and the team aren’t sure when it was added or what it might have sped up. What’s your opinion on DBAs making changes without informing the app’s team?
  • 06:11 RaduDBA: I don’t necessarily have a question, but I need some encouragement and emotional support since my company still uses SQL 2000 (not a joke, not a type) and they don’t want to migrate since the app still works fine. It’s a government institution, somewhere in the Midwest.
  • 07:17 Whiny DBA: Hi Brent, what is your opinion of developers that want total control of non-clustered index creation/modification/deletion on production SQL servers?
  • 08:45 Eduardo: Do you recommend any specific MS Excel skills for the production SQL DBAs?
  • 08:54 Mars: Hi Brent, what are your predictions for DBA in a next 10 years? And how do you feel about the chatgpt etc. Is it a threath for DBAs? And if yes what we should do to save our jobs? Bit shout Out to you and what are you doing for sql community. Thanks
  • 11:07 Arlo Fuller: Hi Brent, what realistic options are available for implementing multi-master replication between multiple Always On Availability Groups? I had looked at peer to peer replication but not sure if it supports AAG’s.
  • 12:44 Ildjarn: Have you ever considered using Powershell for sp_Blitz, only querying the data that you need with e.g. dbatools, and then do the parsing in Powershell? The advantage would be that you offload the parse stuff to a management system, leaving CPU free for SQL Server’s actual job
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