Office Hours: Gif Reactions Edition

Some of the questions y’all post at are open-and-shut cases. I was going to do a one-word-answers edition, but I think this is even better: gifs.

GI Joe DBA: Thoughts about IT professionals Unionizing? IT professionals are in demand. Because of our demand, should we use this leverage to unionize, raise the bar, force better health benefits, retirement benefits, etc for ALL.. US Citizens? Ever discuss this with colleagues?

Rudy: Love the statistics parser web site. Will it remain around for the foreseeable feature? If not, is the source code freely available? 

Will Marshall: What are the common mistakes to avoid when coding sprocs that will crash SSMS during execution / debugging?

DBA_Mufasa: Salut Brent! Does using filegroups really help distribute I/O throughput and minimize disk contention if the ndf files for those filegroups still reside on the same logical volume?

Justsin: Do you ever like to use “SET STATISITCS XML ON” for troubleshooting stored procedures?

40 oz Coffee Breakfast: Do you have any experience with using DDBoost as a backup solution? My friend is currently using Ola’s scripts to backup to a Data Domain as a CIFs share. Storage team asks for us to use DDBoost but there is a concern about losing granularity of restores.

Dan: Any insight into why DB restores are unbelievable painful within Azure SQL, we seem to be averaging between 20-80 minutes with < 50% success on a less than 200mb db and results are still mixed regardless of if we do point in time or full restores.

Sql Padawan: Hi Brent! I’ve really enjoyed your Mastering courses. Especially the stories and analogies you use (like the one about pets wearing disguises). What do you recommend to create a successful online course? (btw, I’m not planning to create SQL Server courses 😀 )

Menahem: Does high plan cache turn over due to improper query parameterization adversely affect commercial SQL monitoring software?

Bart: Hi Brent. What’s the best way to convert UTC datatime to local datetime/date. I’ve been using this: CONVERT(DATETIME, SWITCHOFFSET(CONVERT(DATETIMEOFFSET, mydate.MODIFIEDDATETIME), DATENAME(TZOFFSET, SYSDATETIMEOFFSET()))) AS LOCALDATETIME

Will Marshall: What are the pros/cons of letting SQL create the temp table via SELECT INTO (i.e. SELECT into #MyTempTable) vs explicitly creating the temp table then inserting into it?

YouGottaDoWhatYouGottaDo: Hi Brent, do you know of a list of former “Best Practices” for SQL Server that have now become useless or even dangerous/harmful (due to engine/OS evolution)?

Menahem: Do any of your clients run their primary AG / HA SQL2019 node on prem and their secondary 2019 AG / HA node in Azure? Is this a bad idea?

And I’ll leave you with a bonus gif:

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