[Video] Office Hours: New Las Vegas Home Office Edition


It’s the first webcast I’ve done from my new Vegas pad. You posted questions at https://pollgab.com/room/brento/ and I discussed the highest-upvoted ones:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 02:15 Jim D: Should I use full backups or log shipping for migrations?
  • 03:53 Sev A: What are the top misuses of SQL Server that are better accomplished without SQL Server?
  • 07:16 Greg: What are the best/worst KPIs for SQL Server DBAs?
  • 09:15 DBA_Mufasa: Why can’t we restore a table from backup yet?
  • 11:38 Tolga: Should we fix deadlocks by doing retries or changing the query?
  • 12:54 Anyong: Should I put clustered indexes on temp tables to avoid high forwarded fetches?
  • 14:45 Can I JOIN You: How can I showcase my worth when I improve things?
  • 17:32 You’re the man now dog: (something about SaaS databases, not clear)
  • 18:32 john doe: What are your thoughts on crypto currencies?
  • 19:36 Jeb: How do you convince someone to implement caching?
  • 21:57 Aslan: What are the cons of hosting a database on a USB drive?
  • 22:53 Sultan: Is it okay to run SQL Server 2019 Standard on a physical box with more than 24 cores?
  • 25:29 Recap and discussing the Las Vegas home office
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