[Video] Office Hours: Cabo Home Studio Edition


Got questions about SQL Server? Post them at https://pollgab.com/room/brento and upvote the ones you’d like to see me cover. This episode was the first live one I shot in my home studio in Cabo:

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 02:19 Nullpointer: What are your thoughts on temporal tables, I don’t hear you talk much about them pros/cons.
  • 03:24 Trushit: If my query is returning returns quickly enough but my estimates vs actuals are more than 10x a part, do you think I should tune my query further even if the speed is acceptable?
  • 04:09 Burhan: Is there a good way to estimate how much a given transaction will impact the transaction log ahead of execution time? Concerned about filling up the transaction log with some DDL commands on a table with millions of rows.
  • 05:03 Roy Hinkley: What are the top issues your clients run into with SQL full text search?
  • 06:14 Mehdi: Hi Brent! What is a reliable way to transfer new records to another destination? It is insert-only and identity column should be OK.But if multiple sessions are inserting data to the table, we may have race condition and skipped records depending on how they commit.
  • 06:42 Hazan: Brent, what are the top multi-tenant / SQL related issues you see on a regular basis?
  • 08:23 Carl: Does the advice of always adding at least two data files to every SQL file group (for performance reasons) hold any water when those files are located on a NVME SSD SAN drive?
  • 08:55 Sultan: Hi Brent, how long do you wait after a SQL CU is released before you feel comfortable installing it?
  • 10:00 Tolga: Hi Brent, love your training classes / videos. Do you have any plans to create any AzureSQL training?
  • 11:38 Nadim: Besides compat version, what other settings should we consider updating when migrating from older to newer version of SQL server?
  • 13:03 Tahir: Hi Brnet, our DB’s currently have recovery interval of 0. Microsoft docs recommend keeping this value at 0 unless you experience problems. Have you ever experienced a problem with recovery interval of 0?
  • 13:44 Eran Haddad: We use sql server 2014 compatibility level and soon to upgrade to 2019. How can I convince my managers to upgrade the compatibility level without warning? Beside restoring to another db and make tests (it’s pretty hard to do)
  • 15:45 Leonard: What is your opinion of SQL Buffer pool extension? Has it ever gotten you over the performance finish line?
  • 17:26 Rahmi: Hi Brent, how do you know when it’s time to move a high write table to a new less busy filegroup / SAN volume? Will sp_blitzindex help here?
  • 18:23 Hadir: Hi Brent, Is SELECT TOP(N) without an ORDER BY bad for any particular reason?
  • 19:16 sol: Praised be the acclaimed tortugas savior! What drives you to answer the same questions over and over again during OH without smashing your iPad against a wall? Jokes aside, do you become hyped / addicted to this type of community interactions during now-all-worldly “trends”? Thx!
  • 20:33 Hasan: Hi Brent, is SQL availability groups any faster or more efficient for replicating large amounts of transaction log activity compared to SQL log shipping?
  • 22:12 a friend of mine: is saying that certification is worth nothing. What do you think about payed trainings? Are they always worth money spent?
  • 23:51 Rico Suave: Hi Brent, love your classes. How often do you update or re-shoot previous recorded class videos?
  • 24:35 Jonas Grumby: Is Query cost or logical reads a better identifier of expensive queries?
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