[Video] Office Hours Speed Round: 17 Answers in 11 Minutes

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Not all of your questions need detailed answers. In this speed round, I race through 18 answers in 11 minutes:

Here’s what we covered:

  1. 00:11 UnfortunatelyPostgresIsCheaper: I know you’ve answered that, as far as u know, there isn’t a ‘Brent Ozar’ of Postgres, but as you spend a lot of time with it u must know a quite a bit so what were/are your learning sources?
  2. 00:46 dadepretto: Hi Brent, first thanks for your amazing work! Regarding SQL 2022 Parameter Sensive Plans filling up query store, Bob Ward replied to a comment on the YT Microsoft Mechanics video “we have logic here not to cause too many plans to be cached”. Any thoughts? Is there any hope?
  3. 01:14 Jacob H: Hi Brent, what are your thoughts on the new Azure SQL Database Ledger feature? Do you think there is any future for “blockchains in the database”?
  4. 01:45 suku2022 dba: hi Brent, Performance tuning is something will come based on experience. so wonder is there any site where we get queries or kind of mock scenarios and we can tune then or make them run faster..
  5. 02:40 LookingAtProcsAllDay: Hi Brent, waiting on mgr app for Bundle 2 What could explain a slow exponential deterioration in CPU and Duration of certain procs, that is reset every time my friend does a failover? Visible for past year on 2017, not enough data points to see if problem in 2019 with 3x more mem
  6. 03:20 Shy: Hi Brent, For DR Env – When to use Log Shipping verses Availability Groups? What is the point that I have to switch from Log Shipping to Availability Groups with respect to RPO and RTO?
  7. 03:59 Richard: If I duplicate a linked-server connection, except for the friendly name (and with two sys64 connectors), have I doubled the capacity?
  8. 04:15 HybridDBA: Could you mention any equivalent community contributor in Oracle like Brent currently is for SQL Server? Brent, your community mentorship for SQL Server is amazing.
  9. 04:48 Fyodor: Hi Brent, what is your opinion on crypto currencies ? I know this is not related to SQL server but I don’t see where I can ask you anything non-related to sql server.
  10. 05:56 FullTextIndex: Full-text indexing: what is your opinion and experience. My friend has put a full-text index on a XEvent session capturing all SQL statements on an Instance
  11. 06:38 CarlosDBA: just renewed the annual subscription to your classes (3rd year and still loving it!!). Any new courses you are working on (or planning to post in the next year) that we can look forward to?
  12. 07:29 Yawnder: Hi sir. Do you think frameworks like EF should integrate with partition (partition functions, scheme, etc., etc.) or should that be left to the DBAs? Would it be too risky to give that kind of power / responsibility to less “DB-Aware” Devs?
  13. 08:08 Trushit: Is it a good idea to connect tools like Power BI to SQL server via Direct Query mode? Direct Query mode queries data from sql server every time someone interacts with report. I am concerned that there would be too many query hits to live database.
  14. 08:48 Kumaran: What would be the best method/ practices for a query that spans 2 versions of SQL using linked server?
  15. 09:24 PerformanceIsMyLife: If I have an SSIS package that is essentially an ELT and then logic to process – is there a performance difference vs if I did the same process scripts after initial data import via stored procedure instead of part of the SSIS package?
  16. 09:47 Tancredi: Hi Brent, do you have any thoughts on using a pre-existing production SQL Server (that admittedly sees low usage) for DPM 2019? My friend’s boss is pushing for it to save money on licensing.
  17. 10:11 KondzioSSJ4: Hi Brent I have many-to-many relations between the 2 tables Should I create a connection table with separated auto-increment ID or maybe put PK for both columns? or should I do something else to get the best performance? (connection table have unique values)
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