[Video] Office Hours: Ask Me Anything About SQL Server at Hallgrímskirkja


I hang out by Hallgrímskirkja, the modern church in Reykjavik, and take your highly-voted questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento. Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 00:18 __normally_weird (Sean C): Can you dispel the now prevailing myth that you and your wife are the only8 people in Iceland at the moment?
  • 01:33 Andy Leonard: What “bugs” exist in SQL Server 2019?
  • 04:22 Michael Devor: You have said you want to retire (relatively soon). How have you gone about preparing to support yourself and your wife for your retirement.
  • 06:03 Kevin M: Have you encountered sp_BlitzCache, QueryStore, and SQL Profiler showing a query returning a large rowcount, high CPU time, and large read count, but running the same query from SSMS shows less rows, reads and less CPU?
  • 07:56 Philip Clark: Can I Just say, you’re awesome Brent. Hope I get to meet you in person one day!
  • 09:24 Mike Byrd: Possibly a dumb question, but is it possible to redirect output from SET STATISTICS IO ON to a file or table?
  • 11:35 Random Name: A certain security software vendor is pretty adamant that the application should be installed on the same VM as the SQL Server because “there could be a lot of traffic.” Any guiding principles for when (if ever) to have the full application installed onto the database server?
  • 13:15 Martin: Hi Brent, I know that using MERGE is advised against. Are there any other operators that are problematic?
  • 15:10 Philip Clark: What do you recommend these days in terms of what processor (Intel/AMD) with clock speed and number of cores to choose? Minimum to start with for an Enterprise 2019 dedicated server? And how would this differ when specing an Azure VM for SQL?
  • 18:06 Michael Devor: Can you have too few indexes and could that be my friends issue?
  • 19:32 Seven: I asked a question earlier about stats fullscan; maintaining the integrity of full scan during auto updates. i guess what i meant was if enough rows have been modified to trigger an auto stats – if it could “append” a fullscan rather than replace it, or ignore it (no recompute)
  • 20:40 CacheTellMeTheTruth: How do you find which COLUMN stats sql server used to create an execution plan? I’m trying to find a list la col stats “potentially” useless (double quotes are mandatory here )
  • 23:11 Daniel Moll: Hi Brent. We are monitoring sys.dm_os_sys_memory and did not have any warnings since I activated “lock pages in memory”. now we have several events (high=0) a day. (Why) is this a problem?
  • 25:38 Juan Falcon: Is there and automatic way to update OpenSSL which SQL Server installs with Python Services?
  • 25:54 Igor: Hi Brent, what is the best way to reduce table size, after drop column?
  • 27:00 __normally_weird (Sean C): I have an interest in contributing to the community to “pay it forward” as well as selfishly gain experience to meet a long term goal of becoming a performance tuning consultant. How can I, as a mere mortal, positively impact the community beyond answering stack questions?
  • 29:04 Aaron: I have several queries that generate plans that have an Index Seek + Lookup for their respective tables. What are some key things to take into consideration?
  • 30:16 marcus-the-german: Hi Brent, a friend of mine would like to know how she can determine that a parallel executed query is executed on one NUMA node? Let’s assume we have a 2 x 8 core server and MAXDOP is set to 8
  • 31:24 Artur: I’m doing the D.E.A.T.H. method. Is it a good idea to test any index changes in non prod environment before I apply them in prod environment? 32:28 Artur: Have you ever used Distributed Replay?
  • 34:11 Mike B: I’m testing a solution using triggers to compress LOB data on insert with the COMPRESS function with a view containing the DECOMPRESS function. Thinking to trick the app by replacing the table with a view and avoid changing code. Seems to work, but any gotcha’s to look out for?
  • 35:37 Andrew from Canada: Synching a recent stack users table to an older stack DB to do some tests. It takes a long time and the system appears underutilized. why? by design?
  • 37:30 qTechnik: How to monitor cpu load by each database on sql server? Don’t like statistics from plan cache because different lifetime for each plan in cache.
  • 39:24 marcus-the-german: Hi Brent, do you have any experience/recommendation on receive side scaling (RSS) on SQL Servers?
  • 40:01 David Nelson: What are the options for using a source control system for versioning of stored procedures (like git, svn, etc)
  • 40:33 Steven: Hi Brent, thank you for the anwser on “why does a join spill to tempdb”. The parallalism is nearly evenly distrubted, so the operator was not allocated enough memory. Is it possible to allocate more memory to a specific operator in a query or do I have to use min_grant_percent?
  • 41:16 AlwaysLearningDBA: what do you suggest to transition existing career as production DBA into Architect or Data Science role?
  • 42:20 Kyaw Than: The app admin wants to set system DBs to compat mode 2016. I could test it out but would appreciate your opinion.
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  • THANK YOU for the mask speech!!!!! As the husband of an immune compromised person, I really appreciate it!

  • Ugly way to get at least a part of the statistics data using Powershell (dbatools):

    $results = Invoke-DbaQuery -SqlInstance localhost -Database master -Query “SET STATISTICS IO ON; SELECT * FROM sys.databases” -MessagesToOutput
    $text = $results | Foreach-Object { if ($_.gettype().name -eq ‘String’) {$_ }}
    $data = $results | % { if ($_.gettype().name -eq ‘Datarow’) {$_ }}

  • This is a little but late, but since you are in iceland, thought I would mention that CCP games is located in reykjavik and at least portions of their database infrastructure runs on MSSQL server and their 2015 descriptions of their HA was seriously impressive. dont know if there was anything you may be curious about there or could create content with.

  • DELETE rows;


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