[Video] Office Hours: Ask Me Anything in the Reykjavik Harbor


You posted and upvoted questions at https://pollgab.com/room/brento to pick what you’d like to see covered in a Q&A session:

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Introductions
    00:26 Mehdi: Hi Brent! What is the first step when SQL Server is overloaded? But we can still connect to SQL Server by SSMS.
  • 02:36 Allan: Do you think learning SSIS is still worth or should everyone hope on to AWS?
  • 04:15 Igor: Hi Brent. In a recent office hour you had a question about changing the char data type column into varchar. In your anwser you mentioned that “she” correctly spoted that char data type should not be used and that it should be avoided in the future development.Why is that?
  • 05:49 1440×1080: hi Brent ! Is there a way to remove completion time of JUST a specific query(something like nocount) and not use the “global” settings in ssms (for all queries)
  • 06:35 Steve: What is the funniest mistake you have seen a Developer make that took down the whole database? I was once writing an sp to delete data from multiple tables with a Begin trans and still don’t know how but it took down the DB offline for few hours for recovery.
  • 11:03 Alexey: Hi Brent. How hard would it be for Microsoft to rename the ‘master’ database in SQL Server to something else? (Just as the did on GitHub – renamed ‘master’ branch to ‘main’)
  • 14:17 Uncompressed DBA: Hi Brent! If I use compression for some tables where the keys are ever increasing, does that increase the odds to encounter PAGELATCH_XX waits?
  • 15:35 AGuyNamedJim: Hi Brent! Do you feel “with encryption” is the best remedy in an Enterprise software context where leadership argues against Stored Procedures & Functions as it means our code is on the customer’s servers? (That’s what we did before and it was painful from a support perspective.)
  • 17:49 Torben: Schema lock. Select * Into NewTableName From OldTableName Will that lock the schema while the select is running, i think if oldtable contains millions og record, it can take some time, and would it be better to run it first with “where 1=0”, and change it to insert select syntax
  • 18:52 AsianDBA: Love your work Brent! When would you choose read scale (clusterless) always on over traditional always on availability groups?
  • 20:24 Zack Jones: Follow up to my varchar(max) to varchar(2500) question. As an aside the max usage in that one column is only 1000 characters. Is there a performance impact for including a varchar(max) as an included column in a covering index? I’m basically trying to optimize for reports. Thanks
  • 21:41 Zack Jones: Is there a file size for a .MDF file when you should consider adding .NDF files? If so how’s the best way to approach such a task? What’s the benefit of doing so? Is an 18GB MDF file a bad thing?
  • 23:33 Still_a_Clarion_programmer: I’m a slob and am never consistent with indenting, columns stacked or on-one-line, capitalization of keywords, etc. Do you ever use a prettifier such as Redgate’s SQL Prompt? (And if so, which?) Or should I just try to develop some self-discipline in my old age?
  • 24:53 Recap
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