#TSQL2sday 136 Invitation: Blog About Your Favorite Data Type (Or Least Favorite)


T-SQL Tuesday is a monthly blogothon where we get together and write about a different topic. I’m hosting this month’s episode.

Your mission: write a blog post about your favorite data type, and schedule it for next Tuesday, March 9.

Mad about money? Feverish about float? Tell us what you use your favorite data type for, and what people need to know before they get started using it. Data types have so many interesting edge cases, like when Aaron Bertrand taught us to use lower case for our data types. (I still don’t do that, but for the record, I do feel guilty.)

The rules:

  • Your blog post has to go live on Tuesday, March 9
  • Include the T-SQL Tuesday logo, and if somebody clicks on the logo, it has to link back to this post
  • Include a link to this blog post, or after you publish it, leave a comment here so I can track you down for the roundup blog post next week
  • If you want to host a future T-SQL Tuesday episode, tweet @way0utwest or leave a comment on this post

Don’t worry about somebody else picking the same data type – this is the beauty of blogging. Readers are here for your unique take on things, in your voice. And don’t worry about repeating things that are in the documentation – nobody reads that. You could seriously copy/paste the contents of the documentation and you’d get comments saying, “Whoa, I never knew that.”

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