Free Webcast: Help! My SQL Server Maintenance is Taking Too Long!

Eyes up here, kid
“Time for a smoke break.”

You manage growing SQL Server databases with shrinking nightly maintenance windows. You just don’t have enough time left each night to do the necessary backups, corruption checking, index maintenance, and data jobs that your users and apps want to run. Cloud storage isn’t helping the problem, either.

Stop playing Tetris with your job schedules and step back for a second: are we doing the right things, at the right times, with the right SQL Server configuration?

In this session, I will give you three queries to run on your SQL Server to make sure you’re focused on the right problems. We’ll figure out how fast your backups are really going (and why), whether nightly index maintenance actually makes sense for you or not, and whether your hardware is suffering from serious performance issues.

Register now for the free webcast on Tuesday, February 16th. 

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