Announcing Saturday & Sunday Office Hours.


Office Hours Podcast

During the quarantines, I’m doing free training. It looks like we’re going to be stuck inside here for another long while, so for the next couple of months, I’m bringing back Office Hours, but on a different schedule.

Every Saturday & Sunday morning from 6AM-8AM Pacific (iCal), you can catch me on my TwitchYouTube, or Facebook channels. I’ll be:

I totally understand that weekend mornings aren’t a great time fit for everybody’s schedule, but it’s the time that works best for my own schedule (given my existing work.) But if you can’t make it live, no worries – all of the streams will be recorded and available in Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. If I have a particularly good stream, I’ll put it here on the blog as well.

Wanna see what they’re like? Here’s this past Saturday’s stream when I worked on pull requests in the First Responder Kit:

And here’s Sunday’s stream when I wrote a blog post about date table query plans and told the story of when Microsoft offered me a job:


If you follow me on my TwitchYouTube, or Facebook channels, I also do other surprise broadcasts throughout the day. As I work, I just check to see if it’s something I can share with y’all publicly, and if so, I start a stream. I won’t usually announce topics ahead of time, but I will say that this coming Saturday’s stream will involve Clippy, a green spandex suit, and a pair of giant white hands. See you there!

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  • “…but I will say that this coming Saturday’s stream will involve Clippy, a green spandex suit, and a pair of giant white hands.”

    Sounds like SQLBits have their 2021 theme sorted

  • Richard Smith
    July 24, 2020 1:09 am

    Hi Brent, Love your live youtube presentations. Thanks. Are you taking requests? 🙂 it would be great to have a walk though of dealing with Disabled NC Indexes. I’ve got 18 of them in a new-to-me helpdesk backend (that is struggling). My mind is to just drop the lot, and, if they were needed, they will be back :). However, I tried to follow your advise to “… decide whether to bring them back with a rebuild or drop them”, but, how can I decide? I tried using sp_BlitzIndex, and that indicated that the first few were unique on a column, but, I don’t know what that signifies 🙁


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