Fifteen Things I Hate About ISNUMERIC


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Brent says: the funny part to me is that if you just try to union all of them, SQL Server throws its hands up:


COME ON SQL SERVER YOU JUST TOLD ME THEY WERE ALL NUMERIC, dammit, convert to numeric for me if you’re so smart.

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  • ISNUMERIC sucks, but TRY_CONVERT is awesome 🙂

  • Hah, I have nearly the same demo that use to freak out the Devs when I spot them trying isnumeric!

    I also ran Try_Convert with all the options to show them what a mess that is compared to ISNumeric. Enjoy guessing what works and why! Or sanitize yer darn data in .NET rather than asking SQL to do it!

    DECLARE @Numbs TABLE([Test] VARCHAR(25), [Label] VARCHAR(25) NOT NULL, [Set] VARCHAR(25))
    INSERT INTO @Numbs values (‘.’,’Period’,’Chars’),(‘,’,’Comma’,’Chars’),(‘-‘,’Minus’,’Chars’),(‘+’,’Plus’,’Chars’)
    ,(‘ ‘,’Tab’,’Chars’),(‘ ‘,’Space’,’Chars’),(NULL,’SQLNULL’,’Chars’)
    ,(‘-0′,’NegZero’,’Mixed’),(‘- 0′,’NegSpaceZero’,’Mixed’),(‘-0e-0′,’NegENeg’,’Mixed’)

    select [Set], [Label], [Test], CAST([Test] AS VARBINARY(50)) AS [Hex], ISNUMERIC([Test]) AS [Is?]
    , TRY_CONVERT(tinyint,[Test]) AS [TINYINT], TRY_CONVERT(smallint,[Test]) AS [SMALLINT], TRY_CONVERT(int,[Test]) AS [INT]
    , TRY_CONVERT(bigint,[Test]) AS [BIGINT], TRY_CONVERT(decimal,[Test]) AS [DECIMAL], TRY_CONVERT(numeric,[Test]) AS [NUMERIC]
    , TRY_CONVERT(float,[Test]) AS [FLOAT], TRY_CONVERT(real,[Test]) AS [REAL]
    , TRY_CONVERT(smallmoney,[Test]) AS [SMALLMONEY], TRY_CONVERT(money,[Test]) AS [MONEY]
    FROM @Numbs
    ORDER BY [Set], [Label]

    • I was going to post just the int,decimal,float version of this and challenge people to guess which ones worked. But seeing your extended counter example list ; wtf on the leading comma vs non-leading comma on the comma separated ints….. anyone who scores more than about 5 points right has spent too much time doing hand coded sql ….

    • Henrik Staun Poulsen
      February 28, 2018 1:39 am

      hi Mark,
      Thank you very much for a horrible example of isnumeric and TryConvert. I was not aware that try_convert was that bad.

    • That’s a great demo! What’s the bottom line that you give your devs?
      P.S. CHAR(10) is line feed, not backspace

  • @Brent ascii() returns an int, although converting to numeric will still generate an error.

    • @Brent, I also beleive you were a bit fast on the trigger there, because the example with ISNUMERIC uses “CHAR(9)” where as the next example uses “ASCII(9)”, so they aren’t comparable 🙂
      Anyway love your Posts, keep em comming 😉

      • Richard — that’s my fault, I updated the code after drafting the post.

        Sorry about that!

  • I still have a few clients on 2008 so when testing for positive integers I use [SometimesAnInt] NOT LIKE ‘%[^0-9]%’

  • I stumbled upon this ( a while back regarding issues with ISNUMERIC and a WIP solution…


  • Granger Godbold
    March 1, 2018 12:16 pm

    On that note, I still find it a critical oversight that one cannot reliably convert a string directly to a decimal when it’s in scientific notation. Forcing people to go through a float means the number can be corrupted. E.g. SELECT CONVERT(decimal(30, 15), CONVERT(float, ‘0.543e+2’)) —> 54.299999999999997

    • Erik Darling
      March 1, 2018 12:20 pm

      Granger — yep, I used to run into this problem a lot when importing Excel files. Never found a more reliable way.

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