sp_BlitzCache: Eventual Compatibility With Azure

Better than nothing

Yesterday it was announced that global temp tables were available in public preview for Azure. That means that unmodified versions of sp_BlitzCache (which uses a global temp table to hold a whole bunch of information) will be compatible up there.

This is a nice addition for Azure, and an even nicer addition for me.

Why global?

I don’t know! You’d have to go bug Jeremiah about that one. One reason that I kept it the way it is, though, is ease of troubleshooting.

See, when there’s a results bug, or when you want to add a new check, it’s really easy to run the proc, then select data from the global temp table. It also makes things super easy if you want to work on a portion of the code without running all of it. With a global temp table, you can easily shred out the XML for examination (just like we do in the proc) to work on XQuery. Trust me, you’re gonna need to work on XQuery.


If you’re using the public preview and want to give sp_BlitzCache a spin, head on over to our GitHub repo to download it. That’s where you should go if you run into any funny business while testing, too. Blog comments are the devil for that stuff.

Thanks for reading!