CorrugatedIron 1.4

We’re happy to announce that we’ve released CorrugatedIron 1.4.0. This release contains a large number of bug fixes, new features, and enhancements. That’s right, brand new Riak and .NET straight to you! Get it while it’s hot or keep reading for more details.

Riak 1.4 Support

CorrugatedIron 1.4.0 brings Riak 1.4.0 feature support including:

  • Index pagination & continuations
  • Counters
  • Returning index terms with keys
  • Better streaming support (now supported by Riak!)
  • Query timeout support
  • Resetting bucket properties

These new features make it even easier for developers to create rich, full featured applications with Riak and .NET.

CorrugatedIron maintains backwards compatibility with Riak 1.3. Although a large amount of functionality has changed with Riak 1.4, we still allow clients to communicate with the previous version of Riak. In most cases, no code will need to change. Wherever possible, we’ve made sure to let you know in comments or via warnings that code is Riak 1.4 only. Admittedly, you should be able to figure that out – the API is new and you aren’t using it yet.

Other Enhancements

While we were building support for new Riak 1.4 features, we found a number of places to smooth out the API. We’ve added fluent setters for a number of properties, removed methods marked for deletion, stopped you from storing nulls in indices (thanks to evanmcc for helping with that one), and host of other syntactic consistency issues.

CorrugatedIron should be much more consistent across the entire API. I’m sure there are more places for us to iron out issues, but we’re aiming to keep improving the API. Speaking of which, there’s now XML documentation for the vast majority of public methods and objects. Within the next few releases, we’ll continue to add additional documentation to the public facing classes so that your IntelliSense is even more useful.

Oh, and all of our unit and integration tests pass.

Get it now!

You can download via Nuget or build from source.

What’s Next?

A lot!

We’re going to be revamping connection pooling to remove an idle connection issue and provide additional flexibility and concurrency options. All progress will be tracked in milestone 1.4.1.

This also marks our first attempt at locking major and minor version with Riak – throughout the development of Riak 1.4, we’ll keep our major and minor version pegged alongside Riak’s. As Riak development shifts to the next release, so will we. This should make it easier to track which Riak features and functionality are supported by CorrugatedIron.

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