Day with the Experts Seminar in Atlanta on April 10


In Atlanta? Want to get some free SQL Server training?  Want some free food on April 10th?

Jason Hall and I will be doing a day-long Day with the Experts session in Atlanta where we’ll be covering performance tuning topics to help you get more performance out of your existing hardware.  My presentations will be:

Perfmon and Profiler Basics: Find The Performance You’re Leaving on the Table

These two tools are the key to successful performance tuning. Brent will show how to get started with these tools, how to slice and dice the results, and how to interpret the data to find easy ways to get more performance fast out of your existing hardware. Attendees will learn:

  • How to use Perfmon to find bottlenecks
  • How to use Profiler to track down the cause of problem
  • How to feed these results into Microsoft tools to get performance recommendations

Advanced Index Tuning: Free Performance Gains for Pros

Don’t just take the word of the Index Tuning Wizard or Database Tuning Advisor: if you rely on these tools, you can actually hurt your server’s performance! In this session, Brent will arm you with the tips and tricks he’s learned over the years managing multi-terabyte data warehouses and high-performing web sites. Attendees will learn:

  • How to use DMV’s to demystify what indexes you should drop or add
  • How to keep your indexes healthy with proper maintenance
  • How to build on the wizard’s recommendations and take even smarter actions

You can register to attend in person, or register to watch it live online.  See you there!

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