Free SQL Server code repository on Live Mesh


Whoa – Jamie Thomson had a brilliant idea, and it has nothing to do with selling Twitter shirts.  (Did I mention I got zero sales from that little endeavor?  Expect a Lessons Learned post in the next few days.)

SQL Server Scripts on Live Mesh
SQL Server Scripts on Live Mesh

He established a SQL Server code repository on Live Mesh.

Live Mesh is a Microsoft service for peer-to-peer file sharing.  You run the Live Mesh client on your machine, sign up for Jamie’s code repository, and the Live Mesh client creates a folder on your desktop with the SQL Server scripts.  You can contribute scripts, improve existing scripts, and all of them are synced automatically across everybody’s computers.

I’m all over this like developers on cursors.  My next thought is to figure out how to seamlessly integrate this into SSMS, Data Dude and Toad so that we can access these scripts with hotkeys.  I’ll figure out what I can figure out, and release a video podcast about this on SQLServerPedia on Monday.

There’s only a few T-SQL scripts in there right now, but I’m going to toss in the scripts from my own library and from SQLServerPedia.  The SQLServerPedia scripts will contain links back to SQLServerPedia so you can get explanations on how the scripts work the way they do.

You can thank him personally on Twitter, too – he’s JamieT.

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