Big News: Windows Home Server and Ford Pinto Finally Ready!


Andrew Brust blogged today that Windows Home Server now deserves a serious second look because Microsoft fixed the bug.  When I say “the” bug, I mean the bug to end all bugs: it’s a file server, but if you saved certain kinds of files to it, they got corrupted.  What kinds of files, you ask? Oh, just the type you’d use a home server for – MP3s, pictures, videos, that kind of thing.

Andrew complains because the fix is out, and the media’s not paying too much attention.

I’d like to comment on Andrew’s story, but he didn’t enable comments on his blog. (Chicken, baawwwk bawk bawk.) So allow me to retort here.

Here’s a short timeline of stories from Engadget:

Awesome! So, if I’d have been using Windows Home Server, I would have only had a completely useless product for seven or eight months. Suweet.  I’ll go buy that right away because now, you know, the bug is fixed.  Why hasn’t this been the leading story on NBC News?!?  It’s ready, baby!  Bring on your precious home movies and photographs!  Load ’em up!  They’ll probably be fine!  It’s gone through extensive testing – you know, that same kind of testing the first version went through.  Only more extensive-r.

In other news, the Pinto no longer explodes when rear-ended.  Please proceed to the nearest Ford dealer and pick up yours today!

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  • The sad thing is Brent that many of your readers are too young to have any idea why you referenced the Ford Pinto.

    Oh, and I love the techy smack talking. 🙂

  • I would wonder about the age thing – when I’m at PASS or user group meetings, I’m typically among the younger 1/3 of the audience. I’m curious, and this would make a good blog poll!

  • Funny, I think you are older than I initially thought after I met you. 🙂

    As to the point of Andrews blog, there should be some kind of recognition that something is fixed after you have fun showing that it is messed up. Consider that in the area of people; How many times do you hear news reports about someone being a suspect in some major crime only to find out that they really weren’t the culprit in some small article on the back page or out of the way article on the web. Sad.

    Now, MS really should have done a better job on this one. I do like the Pinto scenario though and by the way, that was my first car, a 1980 version (the gas tank issue was fixed then right?).

  • You sound like someone who’s still feeling bitter about that whole OS/2 thing. Move on…

  • David – I just turned 35 last month. Now, how old did you think I was? This should be funny.

    Frank – uh, OS/2 was IBM, not Microsoft. How is that related, or did I miss a joke in there somewhere? I haven’t finished my coffee yet, heh.

  • If you are unaware of the backstory related to MS-IBM and OS/2, then I suggest your reach regarding Ford’s Pinto is completely out of context.

    Perhaps I was too vague in my response — and I do apologize for my snarky attitude in that initial post. What I meant was that, considering the strength of Windows Home Server as a consumer product, I think your post reflects poorly on your research capabilities.

  • I hear you, and it sounds like we’ll need to agree to disagree. You see its potential, and I respect that, but I see a file server product that corrupted files, and it’s hard for me to get past that. If someone offered me a ride in their “mitigated” Pinto, I’d pass up on that.

    I hope the product takes off, because we need Time Machine style backups in the Windows world, and I understand a future version of WHS will offer that. That might be the feature that gets me past the file corruption problems.

  • Done. Nice exchange — thanks!


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