Houston Twitter party at Coffee Groundz on Nov 2


Want to meet your mostest favoritest Houston tweeps and talk trash about your leastest favoritest ones?  Coffee Groundz in Midtown is hosting a Twitter party on Sunday, November 2nd from 2pm to 6pm.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or on BrightKite know that I’m here all the time – I’m typing this from Groundz as we speak.  I love this place for all kinds of reasons:

  • They have plenty of electric outlets and free WiFi
  • They have a great outdoor patio with lots of seating (AND outlets there too!)
  • The morning staff are fun and friendly (can’t speak for the afternoon staff because I just grab a beer and go straight out to the patio)
  • They serve surprisingly good sandwiches, plus gelato and smoothies
  • They play fun music on XM, not dark or artsy stuff
  • THEY HAVE A FULL BAR!  WOOHOO!  Not just Bud and vodka, but a great variety of beer and wine.

I’ll be here, and odds are there will be a ton of other interesting Tweeps here too.  I’ve met a ton of fun people on Twitter that I’ve got a lot in common with, and I know I always love getting the chance to meet them and shake their hands.  Or hug them.  Whatever.

If you like the place, follow them online to find out news like the Twitter party:

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  • Brent,

    I just decided to make a go of twitter because of a youtube video that I saw discussing twitter breakfasts. I though it was great to see a social media outlet promoting both an online and offline avenue for networking. I decided it had promise got on and started playing around and found you and your favorite coffee hang out. I look forward to meeting you on Nov. 2nd and you have another follower.


  • Cool, thanks, glad you liked it! See you at Groundz!


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