Doing college homework

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I dropped out of college over a decade ago without having a personal direction in life. Every now and then, other people ask why I don’t go back to college. Last night and this morning, I had the opportunity to do college homework – albeit somebody else’s.

More out of curiosity than anything else, I answered an ad on Craigslist from a college student struggling with a database management course. She was looking for an online tutor, and I thought, sure, why not? The last couple of days, I’ve gone through her homework assignments and gotten a chuckle out of the sheer irony of the whole thing. People tell me to go back to college so I can earn more money – instead, I’m earning money from OTHER people going back to college. Ayuk yuk yuk….

I can’t believe a modern college textbook teaches SQL by doing all joins in the “where” clause. Helloooooo, any graduate who goes out into the real world is going to get their clock cleaned for using that syntax. Mr. Anonymous Professor, it’s called ANSI-92. Look into it.

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