My first digital camera

I finally got a digital camera. I’ve been putting it off because I couldn’t justify spending even $100 for a digital camera that can’t take better pictures than my traditional camera. (I still can’t find a camera under $500 that outshoots my Kodak.) Anyway, I got an el-cheapo $40 SiPix Blink II because it was small enough that I’d leave it in my laptop bag. The photo quality is abysmal (640×480 pixels max, no flash, no LCD) but more than good enough to enrich my blog.

Here’s a good example – for months, I’d been meaning to take a few pictures of my new Volvo C70 and post ’em up, but I kept forgetting. Here we go – live and in color, right outside the Ragin Cajun, the best Cajun place in town. After a weekend in New Orleans, Erika & I agreed that the food here is so good, we’d almost rather stay here and eat. Between this place and Bayou City Seafood on Richmond, we’re set. We shot a roll full of conventional film in New Orleans this weekend, but of course that’ll take a day or two to come back, and another day or two before I get around to scanning it. If I’d have had this little camera with me, I’d post a picture of the huge fat woman who was walking around the French Quarter topless. Or then again, maybe I wouldn’t. Can’t go alienating all my readers at once.

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