You’ve been working with SQL Server for a couple of years, but you’re not really sure what’s going on in the System Databases folder. What gets stored in Master, Model, and MSDB? What processes use them? In the event of a crash, should you restore them? Brent Ozar will give you an introductory tour in this half-hour video:

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  1. Should I backup resourcedb like recommended by sql soldier?

    I guess in a worst scenartio when I lose the C: drive, I can re-setup the SQL server.

    • If your ResourceDB was corrupted, odds are other things on the system are also corrupted, and that’s when you fail over somewhere else. If you experience corruption in ResourceDB, I don’t want you learning about ResourceDB for the first time under that kind of stress. If you regularly encounter corruption in ResourceDB, then you’ve got even bigger problems – you need to fix the root cause.

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