I’ve had the privilege of speaking at conferences around the world. Some of ’em record the sessions and make ’em available publicly for free:

Watch Brent Tune Queries

The title says everything there: if you like the title, you’ll like the session. The scripts & resources are here. Filmed at SQLRally Nordic in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2015.

Identifying and Fixing Parameter Sniffing Issues

When the same query suddenly slows down for no apparent reason, the cause is often parameter sniffing. You’ll learn 4 things: what parameter sniffing is, how to react when it happens, how NOT to test your code, and options to fix the problem long term. Filmed at SQLDay Poland 2017.

Getting Better Plans by
Improving SQL Server’s Estimates

Cardinality estimation – guessing how many rows will come back for each part of your query – is really hard. Learn a handful of techniques you can use to improve estimates including indexes, stats, recompile hints, different CE versions, and more. Recorded at the 2018 PASS Summit in Seattle.

“But It Worked in Development!”
3 Hard Performance Problems

I demo a few things that don’t show up when you’re only testing one query at a time: RESOURCE_SEMAPHORE, THREADPOOL, and lock escalation. Along the way, I bring world-famous SQL Server blogger & presenter Pinal Dave up onstage to act as an audience member and ask any questions that pop into his head. We had a blast. Filmed at the 2017 PASS Summit in Seattle.

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