[Video] Office Hours: Speed Round Edition


Not all of the questions you post at https://pollgab.com/room/brento require long answers. Here’s a quick speed round:

Here’s what we discussed:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 00:24 EngineHorror: Hey Brent! What’s your opinion on page- and row-level compression in general? Is it true it increases locking besides burning extra CPU?
  • 01:08 Pony: Is Microsoft Assessment and Planning tool (MSAP) still best tool for discovering SQL Servers within a company? are there better or alternative tools for this ? We need this to build inventory list of SQL servers we have
  • 01:21 DBA Champion: What monitor would you recommend for a DBA ? Inches, resolution, number monitors (1,2,3…) ?
  • 02:00 Monkey: Hi Brent! Have you ever considered working with Microsoft on SQL Server improvement?
  • 03:20 Monkey: Do you recommend performing transaction log backups into 1 single TRN file (append them), or each t-log backup should be performed into separate file (1 backup file = 1 trn) ?
  • 03:43 Mike: Have you ever implemented Dynamic Data Masking, and what is your opinion on it ? Do you think in-house developers who has read access to Production, should or should NOT be able to read Personally Identifiable Information such as Customer Name, Email and Address ?
  • 04:22 James Adams: Will the Senior DBA class ever come back in stock?
  • 05:07 B-treehouse: I must optimize the database of a multitenant app. The first col of most NC indexes is the ‘TenantId’. This causes param sniffing problems due to the mix of very small and very large tenants. Would it be an acceptable use case for ‘OPTIMIZE FOR(@TenantId UNKNOWN)’ ?
  • 06:02 Tefnut: What types of perf issues do you like to use sp_HumanEvents for?
  • 06:25: Lilandra Neramani: Who is the Brent Ozar for all things Power BI?
  • 06:45 Can I join you: Hi, I use azure sql db and running a query against a view with a WHERE clause with a variable (Id =@id). Query runs slow and performs a full table scan. When I hard code the value of @id it uses a seek and runs fast. I thought Sp_executesql would fix it but it runs slow also. Why
  • 07:27 Dom: How would you describe your driving style ? Are you slowly cruising around looking at the scenic view or do you drive a bit more “sporty” ? Asking cause some of your car have been ingeneered to be driven pretty fast 😮
  • 08:43 sol: Howdy, sir! How come you haven’t gone bald still? Based on recent driving videos your hair is gorgeous!
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