[Video] Office Hours: SQL Server 2008 R2 Edition, I Guess


I went through your highest-voted questions from Pollgab and talked through ’em, and strangely, there was a bit of a 2008R2 theme!


Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 02:00 Pete Donnelly: Hi Brent, I have a 7 TB DB and the largest table is 2 TB, has 6 indexes and 6 related Statistics. It has 42 “_WA_Sys” Statistics. We truncate this table every Jan 1st, to start the new year with a empty table. Should I drop the “_WA_Sys” Statistics when I truncate this table?
  • 03:58 LifelessDBA: Hi Brent, Suppose SQL 2022 GA is available now, Is there any kind of feature or enhancement convincing you to think about migrating to SQL 2022?
  • 06:26 2008R2people: Hi Brent, my company is still using SQL Server 2008R2 which will be end of support soon. Is it better to upgrade to newer version, or stay at 2008R2? Technically currently our apps are running smoothly in 2008R2. Which version do you suggest we upgrade to if we must?
  • 12:14 Mehdi: Hi Brent! How does the query optimizer calculate the estimated number of rows when there are clustered index seek and residual predicate in the actual execution plan?
  • 13:42 BiggieDB: Hello Brent and all the party people! I have CTE that is finding all “parent” elements…think finding a managers manager etc. Number of levels is unknown. Noticed that iit gets wildly incorrect estimations as a CTE. Is there any better way to write a query like this?
  • 16:01 Trushit: This question is more regarding the consulting career. If you were to choose a technology/tool today to specialize in which one would that be so that you can grow in your career for next decade or so? Does Power BI seem like a good tool to specialize in?
  • 19:14 Redgate State of the Database Monitoring Report: https://www.brentozar.com/go/report
  • 21:37 Paul Mugs: What would you suggest as a broad approach to version control for tables/views, everyone just points me towards github, but I struggle to see how this translates to what me and the team do in SSMS.
  • 23:15 Stefano: I Brent, about “blob out of the database”: I’ve a 5TB database with blob inside, AlwaysOn (async) replication between primary and DR site. Moving documents outside, how guarantee consistency between metadata and file system? And consistency of replication (data+file) on DR site?
  • 25:28 HD: There are so many valuable TSQL sugg & feedbk from the TSQL users on the user voice forum but MS doesn’t act on it. Does MS really read & respect the user’s voice or it is there for the name’s sake? SS still missing a good no. of features in the TSQL area compare to other dbs
  • 28:06 Dr. Dolittle: Dear Dr. Ozar, can my friend install Sql Developer Edition for his Dev and Test Server or are there any gotchas? At the moment he uses Enterprise Edition on both server
  • 32:33 Chris Weaver: I have been asked to look at a DB in SQL Server 2008 R2. No diagrams or documentation. Is it possible at all to work out what the relationships could be between the tables? There are roughly 500 of the *******
  • 35:52 Would y’all want to play co-op with me, or watch me stream games?
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