Learn Fundamentals of Index Tuning for $1.


You’re lazy and overconfident.

You’ve been reading this blog for a while, and you’ve been telling yourself, “Yeah, I’m pretty good at this database thing. I’ve got years of experience under my belt. I know the fundamentals.”

You’ve told yourself, “Yeah, someday I’ll get to Brent’s How to Think Like the Engine class,” but…you’ve never actually done it. You’ve never watched the whole video start to finish, nor read the 16-part blog series start to finish. And you sure haven’t made your way up to my Fundamentals of Index Tuning class.

I feel you. I procrastinate a lot too.

You know what helps? A time deadline. Sometimes, I just can’t get up off my lazy rear to finish something unless a clock is ticking loudly in my ear.

Need a deadline? One week. $1.

This week only, you can buy one week’s access to Fundamentals of Index Tuning for $1.

Normally, you’d have to pay $89 to access the course for a year. However, I know how it goes: you buy the course, it sits in your account, and you don’t actually finish it because you don’t have the time. Well, not today, bucko: you can buy the course for $1, but you only have access to it for 7 days, so you better move it or lose it.

To follow along with the demos, you’ll need a SQL Server 2017 or 2019 instance and the 50GB Stack Overflow 2013 database. Any hardware capacity is fine – we’re not going to be pushing the server too hard during these demos. (My Mastering classes are another story.)

Buy it now for just $1, and skip the Netflixing for a week. Let’s get ‘er done and raise your skills. At the end of a week, you’ll still be lazy – but at least you’ll be a little less overconfident.

Update: the sale is over, and 777 of y’all joined in. Let’s see how y’all do on completing the course!

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