[Video] Getting Started with the Consultant Toolkit

You’re a consultant who needs to figure out why your clients’ SQL Servers are slow and unreliable.

You’ve collected a bunch of diagnostic queries over the years, but they have a lot of holes, and you don’t really have the time to maintain them – let alone make ’em better. You waste time connecting to the server, running one query at a time, copy/pasting the results into Excel or taking screenshots. You’re burning the client’s money doing manual labor, and neither of you are happy with the results.

That’s where our Consultant Toolkit comes in, and today I did a live webcast talking about how it works:

Get a free trial and a big discount during our launch sale – ends Saturday.

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  • Just got my manager to agree to it, but realised the Europe prices are higher for the 2-4 consultants – is this right?
    Single consultant price is the same?

    • Katy – yeah, due to the way Gumroad runs specials, I can’t discount multiple products in different ways at the same time, so there’s no launch special for the EU for multiple consultants. (Don’t get too jealous – the non-EU folks only have it for another 4-5 days, and then everybody will be on the same price footing.)

  • Can I check if we get the extra month’s trial too? (curious how much additional sucking up maybe be required)

  • Love the shirt. You gonna buy his DeLorean after he does an LS swap? 🙂

    • Jeff – hahaha, thanks! I do have to say he made an excellent choice there – I never would have thought of him buying a DeLorean, and it’s such a good fit for him, heh.

  • Hi Brent, for security purpose what permission is required to run the toolkit. is View State enough?


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