The 2019 Data Professional Salary Survey Results


How much do database administrators, analysts, architects, developers, and data scientists make? We asked, and 882 of you from 46 countries answered this year. Y’all make a total of $84,114,940 USD per year! Hot diggety. (And at first glance, it looks like on average, y’all got raises this year.)

I make my query bucks the hard way

Download the 2019, 2018, & 2017 results in Excel.

A few things to know about it:

  • The data is public domain. The license tab makes it clear that you can use this data for any purpose, and you don’t have to credit or mention anyone.
  • The spreadsheet includes the results for all 3 years. We’ve gradually asked more questions over time, so if a question wasn’t asked in a year, the answers are populated with Not Asked.
  • The postal code field was totally optional, and may be wildly unreliable. Folks asked to be able to put in small portions of their zip code, like the leading numbers.

Hope this helps make your salary discussions with the boss a little bit more data-driven. Enjoy!

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  • Kinda on the low side…..when I worked strictly W2….my annuals were $120k and higher………now being a consultant, my company makes a much more….

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  • The new columns “HowManyCompanies” and “PopulationOfLargestCity” are great additions. It reveals a lot more than it did in previous years! Thanks for adding them.

  • Robert Sterbal
    January 9, 2019 9:19 pm

    Your effort here is remarkable and awesome. Thank you!

  • Robert Sterbal
    January 9, 2019 9:30 pm

    Salary – US – 2019
    Min – 11,100
    Median – 103,000
    Mean – 107,342
    Max – 750,000
    0.1 – 67,600
    0.2 – 79,880
    0.3 – 87,000
    0.4 – 95,000
    0.5 – 103,000
    0.6 – 110,000
    0.7 – 118,700
    0.8 – 129,000
    0.9 – 149,800
    0.99 – 249,800

  • That’s not even our starting pay here in Sonoma county, more like low $110K. PS: We are the lowest in our Bay Area community, some counties lowest pay is our highest. Go to for published pay of everyone in California for public entities. PS, public makes less than private.

  • I wonder how many of those > $1 million entries are errors.

    • It’s not too hard to make a decent guess at deanonymizing some of these entries (e.g. cases where there are only a few employers paying in that range near a given zip code, and only a few people with a similar job title in that area on LinkedIn).

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  • This is an amazing sheet. However, you should have vacation amount listed in here because that is a huge factor in your total compensation

    • Chris – every year about a week before the survey goes live, I post a question asking what we should change about the survey. You can go back in the past posts and see it, along with the discussions in the comments. The problem we run into with the vacation question is that it’s so big and hard to quantify: some companies have unlimited vacation, some companies offer health & personal time off, some even offer fully paid company retreats. It’s hard to have a single form field that quantifies vacation well. If you’ve got an idea on how to do it, though, I’d love to hear it!


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