Tell Us What You Make: The 2019 Data Professional Salary Survey


It’s time for our annual salary survey to find out what data professionals make. You fill out the data, we open source the whole thing, and you can analyze the data to spot trends and do a better job of negotiating your own salary:

Joe Sack query bucks
We make Stacks of Sacks

Take the Data Professional Salary Survey now.

The anonymous survey closes Sunday, January 6, 2019. The results will be completely open source, and shared with the community for your analysis.

Want to write up your analysis and get new readers for your blog? Check out the format of the results as they come in, and click File, Download to get them in Excel format. Get your data flows ready, and then check back here on Monday, January 7 for the final results. We’ll gather the list of blog posts as they come out, and then on the following Tuesday, January 15th, we’ll publish a followup post with links to yours. (It helps you get more readers.)

Thanks for your help in giving everybody in the community a better chance to talk honestly with their managers about salary.

Update 2019/01/06 – the salary survey has closed, and the results are out.

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