First Responder Kit Release: Fully Hand Automated

Did you know there are more issues closed in this FRK than there are planets in this solar system?

Special thanks to Pluto for making that statement possible, and all the other planets that didn’t form.

Also thanks to @mches for making the FIRST EVER contribution to sp_foreachdb, and @rabryst for hooking us up with some Linux Love in sp_Blitz.

You can download the updated here.

sp_Blitz Improvements

#1055#1094 — you know what’s funny about Debug modes? You have to debug them. Thanks to our many eagle-eyed users for letting us know about these!
#1056 — Did you know that the name Linux comes from the Greek word for “crossed lines”? It’s true, and that’s why their file system uses “/” instead of “\”. They got mixed up when Claudius Linuxus devised their file system after getting headbutted by a goat. It’s also why @rabryst had to write this code.
#1084 — Thanks to @GrzegorzOpara and @martin-guth for informing us about even more DBCC events that we can ignore in our checks. DBCC CHECKPANTS now finishes without error!
#1085 — We hate when things run slowly as much as you do, that’s why we turn off database level checks if you have more than 50 databases on your instance. Before, this was only a printed message behind the scenes. Now there’s a whole line in the regular results. We care.

sp_BlitzCache Improvements

#1073 — We hold ourselves to the lofty goal of documenting all of our inputs. And outputs. Brent keeps a diary. It’s cute. He just ends all his entries with “Mrs. DMX”. If you’ve ever wondered about that, or what the purpose of @IgnoreSqlHandlesis, isnow you know.
#1076 — There was some confusion about what would be in a column if it wasn’t a parallel query. Confusion has been abated. Now we can go back to making fun of serial queries together, bug-free.
#1079 — In the ultimate act of self immolation, the row estimate mismatches would sometimes fire for queries that didn’t match. Not, like, totally unrelated ones, but where there were multiple statements in a stored procedure, it would get all… French words.

sp_BlitzFirst Improvements

Nothing this time.

sp_BlitzIndex Improvements

#1068 — possibly the most ancient bug was uncovered by the part-alien, part-android @wendydroid. I’m assured that’s wendy droid, not wendy d. roid, though we’re not sure if she’s not on steroids after finding that one.

sp_BlitzWho Improvements

Nothing this time.

sp_DatabaseRestore Improvements

Nothing this time.

sp_BlitzBackups Improvements

Nothing this time.

sp_BlitzQueryStore Improvements

Just about the same stuff as sp_BlitzCache

sp_AllNightLog and sp_AllNightLog_Setup Improvements

Nothing this time.

sp_foreachdb Improvements

#1078 — WOOHOO! All your database name pattern matching dreams have come true. I mean, all the ones you’ve told us about. Thanks to @mches for being the first person brave enough to crack open Aaron Bertrand’s code and have a go at it.

You can download the updated here.

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  • Hi guys,
    Thank you so much for your exciting tools.
    Just noticed very small mistake on last download. In Install-All-Scripts missing “GO” between sp_BlitzWho and sp_DatabaseRestore, so second proc’s stub creation statement goes into first proc, resulting to error on server sthat have no previously installed sp_DatabaseRestore.


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