This Year is Your Best Chance to Speak at the PASS Summit.

Me presenting, photo by John Martin

The call for speakers at the PASS Summit is open now.

As of this writing, there are less than 120 sessions submitted. To put that in perspective, in 2016, there were 758 sessions submitted overall, and about ~175 general session spots.

Your chances have never been better. Get in there, people. If you’ve spoken at 3 events – whether they’re SQLSaturdays, local user groups, online webcasts, CodeCamps, anything – you’ve met the minimum bar to entry.

If your session is approved, you get a free entry into the PASS Summit. Yes, you’ll still have to pay your airfare, hotel, and meals, but I bet your company might pony up for those fees if they know you’ve been accepted to speak at one of the industry’s most premier events. It’s a Big Deal.

You should do it. It will change your life. It certainly changed mine.

And if you’re not going to do it, I’m curious: why not?

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  • Your 500 level talk at PASS last year spurred me to action back then. I have only spoken once but I will have spoken twice by PASS, once at a user group and one coming up at SQL Saturday Iowa City. I don’t think I qualify but I hope this gives some new presenters a chance. Thanks for the heads-up!

  • I haven’t given three talks to date and my last presentation was years ago so not sure it would even count. This definitely would be the year to do it, though. I wonder if there are fewer speakers wanting to attend due to the Halloween overlap. I know I heard quite a few people mentioning their disappointment w/ that last year.

  • I feel like i really suffer from the imposter syndrome to even get the courage enough to do it. The biggest issue i have is, i am still very much an accidental DBA and a lot of the features that i could potentially talk about, we don’t use in production (something i am trying to change as i learn)

    I learned a lot from your SQL Saturday class in Houston but i am still very apprehensive in taking that first step but i know i need to start somewhere.

  • Hhhhmmmm… Submission is due by tomorrow. Just really getting into SQL Server development this last year. Haven’t decided if I want to go yet. It usually takes me a week to think about it. Then a week to talk to my employer. Well, maybe next year. I might still attend though. I’ve talked on F# a few times. Going to talk on Functional JS. And at the Desert Code camp I’ll be giving 3 F# talks and two SQL Server talks. Wish I would have seen this before!

  • Submitted, but I’m really hoping that the lack of submissions doesn’t bode poorly for actual attendance.


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