First Responder Kit Updates: New Checks Across the Board

It’s the December to Remember Script Event, and we’ve got updates to everything. Shout out to our contributors this month: @BlitzErik, @RichBenner, @runamuk0, @SQLMonger, and @BrentOzar.

Grab the newly updated First Responder Kit, and here’s what’s in it:

sp_Blitz Improvements

  • #591 – add check for 2016 Standard installed without Service Pack 1 (coded by @RichBenner)
  • #615 – add check for trace flag 834 used in combination with columnstore indexes (coded by @RichBenner)
  • #603 – add check for min server memory = max server memory (suggested by @BlitzErik, coded by @RichBenner)
  • #598 – added checks for non-default database configuration scoped settings in SQL 2016 (suggested by @HenrikStaunPoulsen, coded by @BrentOzar)
  • #593 – added check for Instant File Initialization using new sys.dm_server_services field in SQL 2016 SP1 (suggested by @BlitzErik, coded by @BrentOzar)
  • #592 – added check for Lock Pages in Memory using new sys.dm_os_sys_info field in SQL 2016 SP1 (suggested by @BlitzErik, coded by @BrentOzar)
  • #582 – added check for TempDB file creation error (suggested by @BlitzErik, coded by @BrentOzar)
  • #616 – improved Target Recovery Time warning because some SQL tools set it to 0 and some set it to 60 (suggested by @aclenscorp, coded by @BrentOzar)
  • #619 – fixed case sensitivity bug introduced in another patch (coded by @mikejwhitty, only visible to folks like us who work in the dev branch)

sp_BlitzCache Improvements

  • #617 – add alert for computed columns with scalar operators (coded by @BlitzErik)
  • #626 – add alerts for more kinds of expensive remote queries (coded by @BlitzErik)
  • #228 – skip offline databases (coded by @BlitzErik)

sp_BlitzFirst Improvements

  • #599 – made it more PowerShell-friendly by making all column names unique in the FileStats column output (coded by @runamuk0)

sp_BlitzIndex Improvements

  • #615 – added warning if trace flag 834 is used in combination with columnstore indexes (coded by @RichBenner)
  • #622 – stop counting hypothetical indexes in the total number of indexes on a table (coded by @BlitzErik)
  • #607 – now works in partially contained databases (reported and fixed by @SQLMonger)

sp_BlitzWho Improvements

  • #544 – added database name in the output to show the query’s context (coded by @BlitzErik)
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  • Thanks again from the First Responder toolkit .
    Using it to the max in troubleshooting various Client DB Systems in West Africa!
    Hoping to contribute soon to it on Github.


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