Doug Broke It: Reporting Services Encryption Keys [Video]

In this 5-minute video, Doug tells about the time he deleted the Reporting Services encryption key, and what it took to fix the damage. You’ll learn about what the SSRS encryption key protects, as well when to:

  • Back up the encryption key
  • Restore the encryption key
  • Change the encryption key
  • Delete the encryption key

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  • Jeremy Oursler
    May 21, 2014 2:09 pm

    I am liking the short 5 min 30,000 ft explanations of topics such as encryption keys. I especially like the way you come from personal experience of breaking it.

  • Thanks, Jeremy! There will be more on the way after I get settled in Iowa next month.

  • Great to see the Ragbrai shirt. I was born and raised in Iowa City Iowa for 23 years. It brought back great memories. The video time and talk was perfect for the topic.


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