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SQLBits is a unique SQL Server event in the United Kingdom, and even if you’re not in the UK, there’s some things you might find interesting about how it works.

  • Thursday – Pre-Conference Sessions – for £350, you get in-depth training on one particular subject from one trainer.  Attendees like pre-con sessions when they need more than just 45 minutes of training on a subject, like when they’re starting to work with SSIS or virtualization for the first time.  I’m doing a pre-con on Virtualization & SAN Basics for DBAs – I’ve been gradually expanding my coverage on this topic over the years, and I’m up to a full day of goodies now.
  • Friday – Deep-Dive Conference Sessions – for £225, you get access to a day of advanced sessions by the best speakers.
  • Saturday – Free Public Conference – anyone is free to waltz in, sit down, and get their learn on.

Interesting pricing setup, huh?  You can choose as much in-depth long-session learning as you want, or just come for the presentation buffet on Saturday.  But there’s something else that makes SQLBits unique – you can vote on the sessions you want to see!  After you register for an account and log in, your session list screen will look like this:

SQLBits Voting
SQLBits Voting

Just click on the sessions you like, and your voice is heard by the conference organizers.  These guys are doing a fantastic job of building a great event.

If you’re in the UK, go hit SQLBits, register for an account, vote for the sessions you wanna see, and help ’em bring you the best training.

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  • I think ‘Performance Tuning Quick Wins’ is the session everyone needs to focus on (voting for). Maybe I am biased?

    Really looking forward to meeting you at long last Brent. Are you really as tall as legend has it? You’ll be able to look down at me in more than just a metaphorical sense, I’m a mere 175cm!

  • Nick Bialaszewski
    July 19, 2010 1:21 pm

    Brent – is there any chance that the slides/notes/resources for your presentations will be made available online? I’m in Pittsburgh and there’s no way I’ll be able to make it to SQLBits but I’d be interested in studying up on what you’re presenting on.




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