SSWUG V-Conference Preview Videos

The SSWUG Virtual Conference has posted free 10-minute samples of each speaker’s videos.  You can get a 10-minute intro to several presentations to get a feel for the quality of the videos, the speakers and the material.  The videos take 10-15 seconds to start, so hang in there.

Log Shipping 101
Log Shipping 101

SQL Server V-Conference Samples

.NET Development V-Conference Samples

SharePoint V-Conference Samples

Business Intelligence V-Conference Samples

If you like these videos, you’ll love the full-blown V-Conference.  This is only a sampling of the presentations that we’ll be running on April 22-24.  The speakers often sit in during the initial airings of their videos on April 22-24 so that you can type in questions directly to the presenter.  If you can’t make it for those dates, you can still watch them several weeks afterwards when your schedule permits.

You can sign up for each of the V-Conferences separately, and you can use my VIP code “SPVBOZSP09” to get $10 off the registration, bringing it down to $115:

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