Hallelujah – I’ve got mail

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Three solid days of work have given me the ability to both send and receive email using Courier under Linux. Something that takes literally ten minutes under Windows (well, and a pirated copy of various software programs) finally works under Linux.

I succeeded in getting SpamAssassin working to filter my email, too, thanks to these instructions on installing Courier and SpamAssassin. Many praises to this fella.

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  • yadayadayada
    April 28, 2004 6:12 pm

    The first time I did a mail server took me 3 days, I decided in my nievity that I was going to learn sendmail’s cf syntax. 2 days later I built Postfix from source and configured it, then installed a binary UW-imapd and that was that.

    cyrus/courier are probably overkill for a single domain, but the time you invested in courier will pay off. I once pulled down courier, compiled it and spent a day just trying to work out what authentication I should use.

    I’d say you did well 😉


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