Much setup, very SQL.

Ever wonder if you’re missing a step when you set up your SQL Server? Get a checklist to install and configure your SQL Server the right way!

We’ve made our popular SQL Server Setup Guide into a free e-Book download (pdf). This guide walks you through:

  • Validating you’ve got the right basic redundancy in your hardware
  • Configuring HBAs and multi-pathing
  • Configuring your Operating System, system drive, and page file for SQL Server
  • Provisioning storage for backups
  • Creating Service Accounts and granting permissions
  • Formatting drives and settings like Instant File Initialization for the best SQL Server performance
  • Setting up Anti-Virus with Microsoft recommended best practices
  • Installing and configuring SQL Server
  • Setting up maintenance to run backups, manage index fragmentation, and check for corruption
  • Getting basic monitoring and alerting from the SQL Server Agent
  • Designing the right number of files and layout for tempdb
  • Copying SQL Server logins from other servers
  • Installing free tools and running a health check against SQL Server

This setup checklist works for SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2008R2, 2012, and 2014. (Whew!)

Download the free SQL Server Setup Checklist e-Book here.

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