SQL Critical Care®:
Currently Accepting New Patients*

Our SQL Critical Care® for Microsoft SQL Server is the first step of resolution for any of the problems we solve. We check a SQL Server’s health, configuration settings, and bottlenecks, then dive into the databases, indexes, and queries.

Solving Your SQL Pains in Just Days

We start by working with senior members of your team – typically a sysadmin, a DBA, and a developer. We examine the live server together, walking through troubleshooting queries, explaining things as we go. We capture screenshots and diagnostic information, and we use that to build customized action plans and training presentations.

We finish with a group session with all affected people (DBAs, developers, project managers) walking through the findings, explaining why they were an issue, and we teach the whole team how to avoid upcoming pains, too.

We give you actionable, prioritized homework – plus give you metrics to watch to prove that it worked.

You can also add on packages to work together with us in your development environment, testing and tuning the change recommendations.

Our SQL Server Medical Team

We have an ambulance full of SQL Server pros. Between us, we have decades of SQL Server experience, multiple Microsoft MVP awards, and many other certifications and awards from Microsoft for our technical excellence and contributions to the community. Your own staff probably already reads our blogs, watches our free webcasts, attends our conference presentations, and uses our scripts in production.

* No one at Brent Ozar Unlimited holds a medical degree. If you have joint pain, breathing problems, or other symptoms, please call your doctor. If you have SQL performance issues, that’s what we’re here for.

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