Your Ten Favorite Blog Posts from 2020

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The most popular posts this year were when I ran my Fundamentals classes for free throughout the year. I ran a different class per month, and posted signups and videos here on the blog. I’m setting those aside, though, because they’re not evergreen: they’ve since disappeared since I only ran ’em free for a limited period of time.

My favorite new pic by Eric Larsen

Here are the still-present posts I wrote this year that y’all visited the most:

Over the course of the last couple of years, I’ve been writing more “how do I ___?” posts – and to understand why, here are the posts you visited most in 2020 regardless of when we wrote ’em:

“How to” posts are particularly evergreen: as long as they’re about long-lasting pain points, they’re the kinds of things you can write and then gradually get more and more viewers over time. It’s also the key to more subscribers: as readers stumble across your stuff repeatedly in Google, they’re more likely to subscribe to your work because they know you write useful stuff.

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