New Fundamentals of Index Tuning Course


You’re a developer who needs to make your application go faster, and you don’t want to (or can’t!) change the queries. You’ve never been to an official training class, and your manager isn’t about to spring for travel.

Fundamentals of Index TuningIn my new Fundamentals of Index Tuning course, you’ll learn:

  • How to design indexes for a query without looking at its execution plan
  • How to pick the order of keys in an index
  • How query parameter values can change which index is better
  • Where to find index recommendations using query plans, DMVs, and sp_BlitzIndex
  • How SQL Server’s index recommendations are built, and why they’re often wrong

To make the concepts more real, download the Stack Overflow database (get the smallest size so your index creations go as quickly as possible.) I’ll give you the exact same queries I’m running onscreen so you can follow along, and then after each module, you’ll have a series of assignments to complete. After you work on it, I’ll show you my answers, and you get those to download too.

  • Watch the recorded version for $195 $97.50 – half off this week thanks to our sponsor, Sentry One Essentials.
  • Or join me live for $595 $297.50 – half off this week, and when you buy your ticket, you immediately get access to the recorded version, too. That way, you can start learning now, and then reinforce the concepts and ask live questions during your live class.
  • Already a member? If you’re in my Recorded Class Season Pass, you can start watching the recordings right now. If you’ve got a Live Class Season Pass or a Team Membership, go ahead and sign up – it’s free with your unlimited membership.

Sign up now, and let’s get started!

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