New Music Friday: Killa DBA’s New Release Just Dropped


Familiar readers will know that I don’t actually do New Music Friday here very often.

Okay, ever. I don’t do it ever.

Because frankly, nobody writes music about us.

Nobody except Homer McEwen, aka Killa DBA (YouTube@KillaDBA).

You may remember him from The SQL Server 2017 Song, and if not, you should go check that out too.

His new album Hug a DBA is available now on Apple Music and Spotify, free for folks who subscribe.

The SQL Server 2019 song is way more catchy than it has a right to be, and I don’t know how he figures out how to stitch all the features together in a way that they rhyme and flow. Nice work!

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  • Microsoft should license his “SQL Server 2019” to play at conferences, at the very least.

    • Steve Rezhener
      October 23, 2020 1:21 pm

      Absolutely. I remember seeing the faces of MS Store employees when we played Homer’s music at one of our user group meetings in Los Angeles. It quickly energizes you and have no coffee side-effects.

  • He played IT Girl at PASS one year.

  • I love his catchy tunes and thanks to Microsoft he will never run out of material ?


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