[Video] Office Hours: Open Q&A About SQL Server

Office Hours Podcast
Office Hours Podcast

For those of you who miss our old Office Hours webcasts and feel lonely during the quarantines, I’m doing my part to help with free weekend webcasts. For the next couple of Saturday & Sunday mornings from 6AM-8AM Pacific (iCal), you can catch me on my TwitchYouTube, or Facebook channels. I’ll be:

I totally understand that weekend mornings aren’t a great time fit for everybody’s schedule, but it’s the time that works best for my own schedule (given my existing work.) But if you can’t make it live, no worries – all of the streams will be recorded and available in Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. If I have a particularly good stream, I’ll put it here on the blog as well.

Wanna see what they’re like? Here’s this past Sunday’s stream when I did an open Q&A:

Grab the iCal file to get a reminder. They’re still on for the next two weekends, but then I’m taking a break to teach my Mastering Parameter Sniffing class over the weekend – I do that for Live Class Season Pass holders who paid out of their own pocket because their companies won’t pay or let them take time off.

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  • Hi,
    I tried to watch the recordings for Fundamentals of Index Tuning Training class. And the vedio is not avialable for “05 Designing Indexes for JOINs”.
    Can you help me to check it? Thanks!


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